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10lb Gamer is an amateur gaming blog written by three guys who love to game (I’m occasionally one of them!). The blog aims to bring small, independent games to a wider audience and as such plays and reviews the latest indie games. The blog also does occasionally cover bigger games and hot topics within the gaming industry.

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I designed and built 10lb Gamer as a hobby project with a couple of friends – in it’s early form, we learned a lot about the site and how we could make things better. As such, the site is currently undergoing a redesign which will bring focus to our main aim. Version 2.0 features a more mature design, bringing with it a more magazine-like feel and also puts an emphasis on other aspects of 10lb Gamer such as newsletters, YouTube, and Twitch.


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I designed the site from scratch using Photoshop and built the site using WordPress, putting a strong emphasis on speed and user-experience.

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