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They call me the Web Duuude*
I make websites for fun.
No. Really.


I wanted to be a Fireman
But hate running.

I fell arse-over-tit in to coding. As it turns out, I love it. And I'm bloody good at it, too.

I'm an Umbraco expert. I've built websites for some of the world's largest brands, for small businesses, for friends, for fun (there really isn't anything else to do around here).

I'm involved in all stages of projects from conceptualisation to delivery.


  • C#
  • .NET
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Server Administration
  • JS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Eating


  • Umbraco
  • WordPress
  • VueJS
  • React
  • Gulp
  • Git
  • Azure
  • IIS
  • SQL Server
  • VSCode
  • Visual Studio
  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Jira
  • Trello
  • Adobe XD


2019 - PRESENT

Head of Development

FWD Motion

  • Fueled by carbohydrates, I manage projects from start to finish for big business.

  • I manage people.

  • I work with my team to improve working processes.

  • I mentor my team.

  • I manage our client accounts.

  • I'm first port of call for many of our clients.

  • I track time to analyse profitibility.

2018 - 2019

Senior Backend Developer

McCann Manchester

  • I built Umbraco sites for national and multinational corporations.

  • I contributed thoughts, ideas, suggestions and implemented them in a DevOps culture.

  • I improved working processes by working with Developers and Producers to apply new ideas.

  • I shared knowledge with, and teached younger members of the team. I'm the Morpheus to their Neo.

  • I maintained and managed IIS servers.

  • I hunted ghosts.

2016 - 2018

Senior Developer


  • I built rapport with clients from companies such as KPMG, Hitachi Capital, Castrol, AXA. I helped them scope, manage and deliver their projects on time and in budget.

  • I was involved with projects from concept to delivery and beyond. Like Buzz Lightyear's dorky brother.

  • I delivered projects using an Agile approach.

  • I lead training courses for clients.

  • I worked with less senior members of the team to upskill and improve them.

  • I managed the wellbeing and development of those in my team.

2014 - 2016



  • I built things with Umbraco, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel.

  • I researched and implemented improvements to working processes.

  • I earnt a promotion to a senior position.

  • I forged strong working relationships with developers, client services, designers, copywriters.

2013 - 2014


Both Realities

  • I built things with WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

  • I developed a custom-built CMS, used to power client websites.

  • I worked closely with clients to produce well-tested, functional websites.

  • I improved SEO performance.

2012 - 2013

Junior Developer

Network Design & Marketing

  • I built things with PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

  • I ran MailChimp campaigns.

  • I learned how to build websites.

  • I learned how to deal with clients.


Good to Know
My mum often warned me about
Stranger Danger.

She's a wise woman but I'm not worried. I work with people I've never met to improve the tools we use every day, to help them solve coding issues, to collectively solve problems. It's how I got started, after all. It's a bit like that ♪ Circle of Life ♪ thing in The Lion King. Fewer teeth, a bit less death.

I'm an UmbracoCore Contributor.

I've contributed security fixes and improvements to both Umbraco 7 and Umbraco 8.


Useless information
It's all about me, okay?
  • Fair Weather

    Being chubby in winter is known to save money on heating bills.

  • Mountain

    I've walked up the side of thirteen Munros, which means I've only got 269 to go.

  • Book

    Currently reading (to my unborn child):
    The Way of Kings 2
    Brandon Sanderson

  • Cat Fan

    I'm father to a wonderful, beautiful, talented ginger and white cat named Tuna (he's actually a bit of an oaf).

  • Gamer

    Currently playing:
    Disco Elysium

  • Foodie

    Except cheese. I know, I'm sorry.

  • Beard

    Some things that I now own; a handmade beard comb, beard soap, beard balm, mustache wax. I'm only a little ashamed.

  • Music

    Some things people have said about my music taste; "eclectic", "weird", "good", "is that the cookie monster?".

  • Early

    I have a special talent for spending money on things I don't need. Mostly tech.

Let's Talk

This is not a goodbye,
It's a see
ya later.

* Actually it's just 'Ben'. Sadly.