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A common problem with many projects is an inability to track issues and monitor progress, this is especially true when working in teams. This is a problem I myself have run in to whilst freelancing, typically, correspondence happens between emails. Emails are all well and good until the thread becomes unmanageable. This leads to miscommunication, missed tasks, and a lack of responsibility. Not to mention the almost impossible task of trying to find old emails to figure out the last time you spoke about a bug or issue, or having to sift through 100s of emails to find that one attachment you need.

It was due to this problem that I began work on Bug – it’s a simple issue tracker made specifically for smaller teams. Easy to pick up but gives enough power to solve the numerous issues that arise with manually tracking issues. Bug allows the setup of multiple projects to which users can be assigned with a robust permissions system. It allows users to create an issue and assign it to a specific person who is then responsible for responding to or fixing the issue. Users can also upload attachments to support the process.

Bug is built using modern technologies, Laravel forms the bedrock of the software whereas the frontend uses HTML5, CSS3, and VueJS to provide a powerful, user-friendly interface allowing users to easily create tickets and track issues.

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